AMC Security: Giving the User Best Experience ( App Review)

AMC Security

AMC Security

Provides a better and clean User Interface


    Add Extra Features to your smartphone


      Best for Budget Phones



        • Less Notifications
        • Clean User Interface
        • Wide range of features in one tap


        • Premium Version is pricy

        AMC Security:

        Viruses are the only thing that we never want in our phone. So here I am going to discuss about AMC Security application which is an antivirus application. So before starting review I want to confess that I am not at all an application lover that claims to boost the speed of your phone and enhance the performance of your smartphone. Most of time I feel that they slow down my smartphone performance,  But since I downloaded the AMC security and my outlook towards such apps is changed now.

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        When you download this application, it introduce you with it’s features. Then you can proceed with the main screen. You can use its basic features without doing login in their application, But if you want to use it for a long run then you can sign in by just adding your email ID and password. They have two premium plan also which will cost you $9.99 for 1 year and $1.99 for 1 month. This subscription will unlock some extra premium features for you. So if you want to try this premium feature you can go with $1.99 month plan to know how they work.


        The main purpose of this application is to clean and optimise your phone in one tap and to give protection to your phone. As a Sony user when I installed this application, I found no major difference in my phone speed and user interface. But may be it is helpful in budget phones. But I got other features along with application such as app manager, privacy locker, call blocker, battery saver, anti theft, payment security, anti phishing. These features will definitely help my phone.

        Overall,  AMC Security provides a better user interface. It’s not like the other antivirus applications which gives you so much pop up to download their other applications or to click on their advertisement. So it is a better option against other antivirus application available in play store.



        AMC Security

        AMC Security

        Should you download it?

        AMC security is an all in one sort of application. So if you want to add some extra features to your smartphone then you should definitely give it a try. You may be like this app, Since it protects your phone without giving unnecessary notifications to you.


        AMC antivirus

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        AMC Security is an application which is good for budget phone users. Less notifications and wide range of features in one tap can give your phone some extra love.

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