Top 3 Best Free Android Games- Install Now!

Best free Android games

Android games are always in demand. But when it comes free, It becomes more demanding. So here we are going to share a list of best free Android games. This list will help you to download the best games which you always wanted for.

We keep updating the list every month, so stay updated with us. We will update this list according to the popularity of games. If you have any queries regarding the game, Kindly comment below or send your queries on our Facebook or Twitter page. Our experts will handle your queries and will come back to you with the answers of your queries.

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Top 3 best free Android games

1. Clash Royale

best free android games

This is our first choice in the list of best free Android games. Clash Royale is the game where you have to collect cards and build decks. You also have to square off in one on one duels with your opponents. Incase you win, you will be rewarded by a trophy. It is a very solid card game and also a good alternative if you just can’t get into hearthstone. It is the creation of supercell which have created clash of clans.

2. Cut the Rope

best free android games

If you love solving puzzles then this can be your favorite game. It is a must have game in your Android device. In this game you have to clear many levels, transformation, power ups and tactics that you have to clear and win each level in order to win the game. It is a free game in app purchase.

3. Fallout Shelter

This made the third choice in the list of best free Android games. In order to play the game you have to cross the obstacles like fires, raids,by AI bad guys. It is a good game if really love making shelter. I personally love this game and the good news is it is free of cost.

Final words

These were the list of games which you should keep in your Android device for sure. If you still feel any difficulty in playing the game or anything else, feel free to ask and we will solve your queries.



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