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Apple’s New MacBook Pro 2016- Price, Features

MacBook pro 2016

Are you excited to know about new MacBook Pro 2016? Are you excited to know all the things about this MacBook Pro? If you are having these both same questions. Than i will explain you everything here. Macbook pro is a very light and very thin notebook till now. It is too stylish in looks. There are three MacBook Pro launched MacBook Pro 13 inch, MacBook pro 13 inch with touch bar, MacBook pro 15 inch. This notebook fits all new generation. It is the next generation and a professional notebook of Apple. If i talk what you will get in this MacBook Pro 2016 than  I can say that you will get best display ever you could get in any macbook you ever seen. It is a more advanced, thinnest, stylish, and lightest macbook Apple has ever made. Now lets know more about this apple new launch now. So let’s get started.

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MacBook Pro 2016: Price

MacBook pro 2016

Apple’s this new launch was released on 27 October,2016. This was most awaited notebook ever as speculations were that this notebook will be released along with iPhone 7 and iphone 7 Plus. But Apple launched it later. If i talk about the price of the product. Than they are following.

  1. MacBook Pro 13 inch: $1,499
  2. MacBook Pro 13 inch with touch bar: $1,799 to $1,999
  3. Macbook Pro 15 inch: $2,399 to $2,799

MacBook Pro 2016: features at a glance

Macbook Pro 13 inch

  • RAM 8 GB
  • 2.0 Ghz Intel core i5
  • HD camera 720p FaceTime
  • 10 hours battery backup
  • Mac OS Sierra Operating system
  • Available in silver and space gray colour
  • 256 GB storage space
  • 1.37 kg Weight

Macbook Pro 13 inch with touch bar

  • 8 GB RAM
  • 256/512 GB storage space
  • Mac OS Sierra Operating system
  • 10 hours battery backup
  • HD camera 720p FaceTime
  • 2.9 Ghz Intel core i5
  • Available in silver and space gray
  • 1.37 kg Weight

Macbook Pro 15 inch 

  •  16 GB RAM
  • 2.6/2.7 Ghz Intel core i7
  • 256/512 GB storage space
  • HD Camera 720p FaceTime
  • Battery backup 10 hours
  • Available in silver and space gray
  • Mac OS Sierra Operating system
  • 1.83 kg Weight

Macbook Pro 2016- Design

MacBook Pro is apple’s product which Apple has just launched. Apple has now changed it’s standard design. The display is more brighter than earlier.  it has more colours. So in every way the display is far better than earlier. If it comes to design than it’s again a better version than prior. As Apple launched 3 new notebook 13 inch, 13 inch with touch bar, 15 inch. There is a significant changes in its look. As Apple 13 inch macbook pro and apple 13 inch macbook pro with touch bar notebook is more slimmer as it was, as now it’s only 1.49 mm thick. There is significant deduction in its thickness. If it comes to apple 15 inch macbook pro than it also is more slimmer than earlier. As it is 15.5 mm thick only. If it comes to the weight of the launched product. 13 inch macbook pro is 3Ibs in weight now. If it comes to 15 inch macbook pro than it’s 4Ibs now. So overall apple has did significant changes to its new MacBook Pro.

MacBook Pro 2016 – hardware specifications

If it comes to hardware specifications of Macbook than I would like to tell that this MacBook Pro is definitely better than it’s previous launch. It is now will be available with the Intel core i5 and i7. Apart of this it is available in 250,521 GB storage space. The RAM is good of the product as it is available in 8 GB and 16 GB. And really we have tested the 15 inch laptop of Macbook Pro which is really fast than it’s previous version.  So definitely as its available in 2 sizes 13 inch and 15 inch, it’s definitely a best macbook pro apple has delivered yet.

MacBook Pro 2016 Performance

If it comes to performance than the operating system of Macbook Pro is Mac OS Sierra. The performance of this notebook is quite good as it has more RAM, more storage space and more better and upgraded version of Macbook. So it’s a best product to invest on.

MacBook Pro 2016 touch bar feature

This feature is definitely a charm in this notebook as it is also available in 13 inch size with the touch bar model. So if i talk about touch bar it’s really helpful and make a user experience more better. This will allow all the features you have in function key. As by this you can control everything by a single touch, be it music you hear or anything.  You can custom it manually. So it’s a good feature added by apple in this product and seriously you will love your apple device more now.

So I shared all the details related to the MacBook Pro 2016 so now if you want to have a apple product in your family or you already have a Apple MacBook Pro and you want to upgrade it with more features and new design. It’s the time to invest upon as it is available to purchase now.

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