Appointments app

Appointments is going to be the New App from Google’s incubator Area 120

Google’s Internal Startup incubator Area 120 is already encouraging new entrepreneurial talents which was the center of attraction for many talents when it was launched last year. Now there is a new app under development of incubator area 120 which is Appointments According to Tech Crunch .

Appointments app

According to Tech Crunch, The application is not available in Google play Store But you can see it’s live page which is Salon Area 120.

Appointents App

Many applications related to booking appointments are already available in Google Play Sore. But since in it from Google then you can expect some extra feature in this application.

The source added that this application will integrate websites for participating businesses and a tool that will turn a text into Booking links. The application will also consist information like services offered at that location, Photo gallery, contact details, Contact Number, Home address etc.

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Since the Appointments Application is under Development Process as per as the live page available in Google. So you can not see other technical related information about the application. Once it will be live, We will update you for the same. But it is very clear that it will give new businesses a boost. New businesses can get benefit by this upcoming app a lot. Since it will give them a web presence along with some good business.

If this application works well then it will be a better substitute of Microsoft which is designed to fit with Google own suite of Productivity Tools.

Well it would be too early if we assume that what can be future of this application, But all we can assume is some business for new entrepreneur.  Google’s Incubator Area 120 is focusing on Entrepreneurial Talent for Google within.

Source further added that many attempts got failed when asked Google, They were unanswered.


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