Best Earphones under 500- Read Now!

Best Earphones under 500

Are you looking for a new earphones??  And you have a low budget?? Here we are sharing top 10 best headphones list under 500 Rs. We have tested the quality and the performances of these earphones and then made this list of best quality headphones for music. So check this list of top 10 best earphones under 500 Rs along with the customer reviews. So that you can purchase best headphones for listening to music. Enjoy the list of best high end headphones and tell us in comment section what is your take on these cheap headphones, which are cheap headphones in price but best headphones in order to their performances. So let’s dig in the list.

Top 4 best earphones under 500


  • Panasonic RP- TCM105E-K

10 best earphones under 500


Price :499

Product Description

  • Product dimension 17 x 5.8 x 1.5 cm
  • Weight 32 grams
  • 1.2 m cable
  • Three sizes of silicone ear adapter
  • Comfortable iconic headphones
  • Powerful bass sound headphones
  • Noise cancellation
  • Headphone jack 3.5 mm
  • Bass boos design
  • Crystal clear sound
  • Excellent isolation surrounding sounds
  • Wide Frequency range
  • Compatible with iPhone 7plus, iPhone 7 and all the iphone, blackberry, Android(Google pixel, Lenovo k 6 Power
  • Incompatible with Nokia and ZTE (OMTP)

It comes under the best headphones for music or you may say the best lightweight headphones. If you have a low budget and you are searching for the Best Earphones under 500,It is the number one headphone. I will highly recommend this earphone to buy. Now before buying the product lets read the customer reviews.

Top Customer reviews

5 star rating

Best Earphones under 500


  • I purchased these headphones approximately 1 1/2 years ago and they still work. When I originally bought them I needed them as all-purpose headphones which I could bring to school, use in the weight room, and use while doing work around the house. For a large portion of the time I’ve had them that’s exactly what I’ve used them for, and they’ve worked like a charm. It is important to note, however, that these headphones are all-plastic, so they will take some abuse but will get damaged if the situation gets too rough. (I’ll touch on that a bit more later). For the price, the sound quality of these in-ears is fantastic. When I let a friend use them once, he immediately responded with “whoa.” For $10 earbuds the sound is very impressive and probably suitable for most people. These headphones have a balanced sound with enough clarity to deliver the basic framework of whatever music you’re listening to, plus a little bit more. If you’re mostly  a passive listener and want cheap earbuds you won’t have to worry about if they get lost or stolen, these are a great buy. When I eventually upgraded to more expensive earbuds, these ones were able still to hold a candle to the competition, although with further comparison the Panasonic’s are slightly “battier” and “fuzzier” than higher-quality, more expensive options. On their own, though, these earbuds sound significantly better than others in their price range, even rivaling some costing around $25.I used these earbuds as my primary listening medium for about nine months and they withstood a lot of abuse. Every day I would take them to school, usually stuffing them in the smaller pocket of my backpack and carrying them wherever I went. For a long time, they stood strong.


  • Good gem


Sound is smooth with higher bass. Mid is slightly backward. Treble is quite balanced with bass. Very enjoyable sound with good sound stage. Bass way punchy then cx180 also.

Build is above average and very much comfortable. Bass heads may also get satisfied from this.

  1. Philips SHQ1200 action fit

Best Earphones under 500

Price :439

Product Description

  • 32 OHM headphones impedance
  • 110 db/mw headphone
  • Headphone type earbud
  • Headphone jack 3.5 mm
  • Connector plating gold plated
  • Rainproof
  • Sweat resistant
  • Optimal fit
  • Tangle free
  • Headphones driver units 13.5 mm
  • Ultra lightweight

We are rating this headphone on the number two under the list of Best Earphones under 500 as it the earphone comes along with ultra soft silicon caps three different sizes. It is I can say the Best Earphones under 500 .The earphone comes with the closed acoustic system which ensures powerful bass and eliminating ambient sound. With the frequency of 30 hz to 20000 hz with 32 ohms of impedance and 110 db of sensitivity these headphones provide super sounds quality. It comes with own clip and pouch for easy cable management and safe storage. Along with it has sweat resistant and rainproof features. So before taking a buying decision let’s know the reviews of the product.

Now let’s see what customers says about this product

Top Customer Reviews:

4.5 stars

Best Earphones under 500


  • Perfect for sports indeed, the most affordable high quality sports earphones


Don’t fall off while running/jogging/gymming at all. Perfect for fitness regimes. The earphones get snugly fit in the ear,are comfortable & stable. That’s what I liked the most. Rest, sweat-proof, rainproof & Kevlar reinforced cable(wow!!!) mean that the earphones are quite tough & study. As 4 those complaining for bass, the bass is good too. Not top-notch bass, but powerful enough to be heard during workout. & it is stupid to buy these if u have no fitness plans with these. For just music, go 4 some other earphone. Super-duper value for money. & the add-ons like extra caps of different sizes, holder-clip & carrying pouch are very useful. If buying for fitness, there’s no better option for under 600. Rather I’d say I’m very pleased to have bought these. Excellent from Philips. Real quality at an affordable price


  • Simply awesome


Compared to others like Skull candy in Rs 500 range, it’s the best headphones you can get. Sound is crystal clear and bass is very good which is hard to find in low range earphones. I have a Bose In-ear headphones and the quality of these action fit is quite comparable. Other do not even come near the Bose sound quality.


  • Cheap, Good Quality, slick design and color. Comes with small carry pouch
  • Cons: Tips\ear cap is bit difficult to change and adjust properly. Clip for attaching to clothes is big.

3.Boat Bass Heads 225 Rock On 2 Special Edition In-Ear Headphones with Mic (Blue)

Best Earphones under 500

Price 499/-

Product description

  • Item Weight 18 grams
  • Impedance unit of measures: 16 ohm
  • Fit type: in ear
  • Connectivity technology: wired 3.5 mm single pin
  • Warranty 1 year

The headphones has innovative housing design enables to easy adjustment and optimal wearing comfort and powerful 10 mm drivers for sonic clarity, bass driven stereo sound and good attenuation of ambient noise. We are rating this headphone on number three under the list of Best Earphones under 500.The noise cancellation microphone enables trouble free receiving calls or undeterred sessions of musical extravaganza. It has Tangle free cable which is lightweight and user friendly features controls for easy functionality.

Now lets what the users of this product says about this product

Top Customer Reviews:

5 Star Rating

Best Earphones under 500



  • Bang for luck


People who want to find the top 10 best headphones. Its a  best headphone you can have ever. I have bought the red color but I’m putting my review on blue colors. You can check my review on red color of same headphones Packaging – Amazon packaging was great with decent protection and also the delivery was prompt and quick. Now left jump onto the review. The most important thing about any headphones is the sound.

  • Sound – If you love EDM or hip hop type music then these headphones gonna be making you feel out of world. The bass on these headphones is as good as you would expect. The highs are also decent if not bad. But if we consider lows they are terrible. If you listen to Bollywood romantic songs or 90’s music then keep your expectations low

LET’S now break this review into

pros and cons

  • Solid Build quality – These headphones have all metal design which is rare in this price segment. Due to this the headphones are also durable. These headphones has a solid style statement. If you wear these headphones in crowd people will definitely notice you and feel jealous They will  get jealous because its the best lightweight headphones and you may say that best earphones under 500.  🙂
  • Tangle Free cable with In-line single multifunction button – These headphones come with flat cables which make them less vulnerable to tangling and also you get a single button which works on every smartphone that I have tested yet. The single button can be used to play/pause music. Double tapping the button will play the next music for you
  • Calling and Mic – This headphones has a mic through which you can take call. The single button can be used to pick/hang up the call. The mic works great in all scenarios and never fails. Even in crowded trains you can use the mic without any second thought
  • L – shaped headphone jack which is great if you have a phone that has headphone jack at bottom. These L shape design helps the jack from wear and tear


The only con expect the sound that I aforementioned is the comfort. If you wear these headphones for long period of time they will start to give pain to your ears. This problem can be solved if you replace the inbox ear tips with that of more softer ear tips because the in box ear tips are way more harder than what they should. So i Strongly recommended to everyone

I hope you found this review helpful.

Verdict: Nice It’s a best headphones for music.This products sound quality and wire quality is very good. In this price this is best earphone from my side. Please don’t doubt go for it.

4.Panasonic RP-HJE125E

Best Earphones under 500

Price: 588/

Product description

  1. Ergo fit design
  2. 9 millimeters drivers unit
  3. 3.5 mm stereo plug
  4. Frequency response 10 hz-24 kHz
  5. Power handling capacity 200mW(IEC/CEI)
  6. Item 4 gram
  7. Product dimension :1x 1x 1 cm
  8. Warranty of 1 year

We are rating this headphone on fourth number under the list of Best Earphones under 500, As this headphones has 5 star rating but it is little 80 rupees costly then 500. So now lets read the review.

Top Customer Reviews:

5 Star Rating

Best Earphones under 500


  • You won’t find better sound at this price


  • Balanced audio, audible sub bass, good bass, good mids, good highs, oval sound ports, very lightweight and comfortable.
  • Cons: Super-tangy thin cables, plastic construction, no frills .

Value for Money: Excellent, competes with anything in the sub-Rs.2000 range in India.

I am always on the lookout for inexpensive audio gear that sounds really good. Over the past decade or so, I’ve developed quite a strong opinion on the kind of sound I enjoy. It is the best cheap over ear headphones I could ever had.

My favorite music extends from jazz and western classical, to the occasional hip-hop, alternative rock, and both Hindustani and Carnatic classical. And each of these need the perfect sounding set or earphones to sound good. I got the HJE-125 more out of curiosity than need, because it was rated very highly in a review. And it cost me Rs. 509, including delivery. My expectations were not high. After all, what can you get for Rs. 509, considering that the really good in-ear monitors cost at least Rs. 5000.Much to my surprise, I loved the sound from the get go! But before we get there, let me talk about a few other positives and negatives but still I believe it is among the Best earphones under 500.

Packaging, Construction and First Impressions

The plastic packaging is standard, but sturdy enough to ensure that it reaches you intact and without damage. The moment I got it out, the negatives started piling up in my mind… The cable is thin and tingly, and the plastic construction did not promise much in terms of build quality. There are also no other frills. No cable guides, or clips to control micro phonics (the inevitable sound that travels up the cable when it brushes against the shirt, if it it hits against something).

My first surprise was when I popped out the standard silicon tip. The audio port holding it was oval instead of round. In use, it molds the tip so that it fits into the ear more comfortably. And comfortable it certainly is. The lightweight construction combined, I hardly felt like they were in my ears even after hours of use and I thought that it can be the best headphones of 2016 and yes I got it.

Sound Quality

I played a variety of music on them. From Bach to Bobby McFerrin, and Ellington to Al di Meola, from The Doors to Eminem, from Kishore Ammonia to L Subramanian. I can say that best cheap earbuds 2016. To begin with, i was happy with the sound isolation. The oval sound ports do help in cutting extraneous ambient noise. The sound was surprising well-balanced. The bass was tight and not boom. Mids were nicely present. And the highs were detailed but not sharp enough to hurt. The sound is slightly warm, but enjoyably so… Perfect for jazz. These buds are good for mridangams, trumpet, viola and rain sticks. The soundstage isn’t as impressive as high end IEMs, but better than most I’ve heard in the sub Rs. 2000 range from India, certainly better than the standard iPhone plugs. The separation between sounds is very good, but again, not as brilliant as high-end IEMs.

Sub bass was a recessed and the sharpest highs did not have the pristine clarity that more expensive IEMs deliver. However, I am talking of IEMs that cost in the Rs. 3000 range and above. And even in those I have been repeated word always been unhappy about one thing or the other. I need to make a special mention of the silicon ear tips. They can make or break the sound from a in-ear headphones. Though cheap, the standard tips that come with the HJE-125 is rather good. Perfectly adequate. It is the Best Earphones under 500 So without giving a second thought you can buy it.

In Conclusion

For the money, these are possibly the most balanced sounding in-ear headphones that you can buy below Rs. 1500. I just wish the cables were a bit thicker, but the lightness of the cables actually also end up reducing micro phonics. Despite not looking like much, this is the best in-ear headphone around for its price and it easily competes with anything else in the sub Rs. 2000 range available in India. Yes no Doubt it is the best headphones of 2016.

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