GoDaddy Hosting Review – Think Before Investing

GoDaddy Hosting Review

Are you looking for GoDaddy Hosting Review?  Well GoDaddy is a known Web hosting brand. All we heard this name although if you are not a blogger or not from Web industry. As they invest a lot in their promotions. All of you must have seen their advertisement on tv and web also.  But as I am doing GoDaddy Hosting Review so I would like to share some deeper and specified information to all of you. As I am using godaddy from the very first blog of mine. So I am going to do GoDaddy Hosting Review as I did research on their products and it’s my take on Godaddy. So after the research whatever the outcome I have come across that I am going to share here.

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GoDaddy Hosting Review

Managed Shared Hosting Plan

godaddy hosting review


  • GoDaddy provides a free domain along with any Web hosting you choose.
  • Low charges
  • Easy to use


  • Customer support eat your time and takes more than longer time
  • Customer support don’t provide any technical support or you may say does not help to your problem if any.

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Go daddy is a big brand?  Right? But do you know they are very bad in giving dealing with customers.

Do you want to know how?

Let’s me share my experience to all of you.

A year ago when I started my blogging journey, I had a website on which I was using GoDaddy shared Web hosting. When I started using the service, many times I was facing some technical issues like once I was having error a small related to hosting which was normal. If i was experienced I could solve that issue normally. But since I was a beginner I couldn’t recognize that from where this error was coming.

So I called GoDaddy customer support and asked for help. They were like they don’t know how to resolve it and I can call till evening if I want to resolve the issue. I hung up the call and called them again on sharp 4 PM to resolve my issue to Go daddy customer support.

After talking for an hour they told me they can not resolve my issue now but they will resolve the issue in an hour. They asked me to call again till 6:30 PM in order to resolve my issue. But when I called them on 6:30 sharp, the Go daddy representative was changed and when I asked to speak with the same customer care executive, they said her duty was till 9 to 6 pm. I said okay! Now you please deal with my issue and solve it. Then the customer care executive said that sorry you have to talk with your developer in this segment.

I got Angry and I said if you guys didn’t know how to resolve the issue then why you are wasting my time.

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So friends, this was my experience which was damn bad with  GoDaddy hosting services customer support. Although they are cheap in price and customer support is available 24×7 but it does not add any value if you need any sort of customer support from GoDaddy. They will keep you busy and will entertain you with silly suggestions.

GoDaddy Hosting Review: Final Verdict

If you Are looking for a hosting which is cheap then it can be useful for you but if you are beginner then you can not expect any sort of support from GoDaddy customer care executives.

Hope this review will help you, if you are thinking to have GoDaddy hosting service.

Tell us what’s your take on GoDaddy hosting service.

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