google pixel review

Google Pixel Review – why you should buy?

Google Pixel

Google Pixel

12.3 MP Camera

10.0 /10

Unlimited Stotrage

10.0 /10


9.0 /10

In built Google Assistant

10.0 /10


  • Best Camera in smartphones till now
  • Unlimited storage of photo and videos
  • Fast battery charging
  • In built Google Assistant


  • Costly

Google pixel review


google pixel review

Google is always a smart and advance in order to deal with customers. Google always gives customer satisfaction. Google always believe in user interface. So if we talk about Google pixel review than I would like to tell you all as it’s a Google phone. So definitely we can expect something extraordinary from this phone.  And with no surprise Google did justice to this sexy phone.  This phone is too smart and you may say that Google this time gifting you a Assistant with this phone.  As this phone have a Google assistant built in. Google pixel was launched 2 days ago. But it’s buzzing all over the world due to it’s specifications. So let’s dig directly on it’s specifications now and know what actually Google giving in this smart phone.

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Google pixel review – specifications

google pixel review

Hardware Specifications: 

  • Aluminum unibody and polished glass combination
  • Hi- Definition AMOLED Display
  • 12.3 MP with large 1.55 um pixels and f/2.0 aperture
  • 3.5mm headphone jack
  • USB Type-C
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Quad Core 2x 2.15GHz /2×1.6 GHz Processor
  • Pixel Imprint fingerprint sensor
  • 2.770 or 3.450 mAh Battery
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 821
  • 32 or 128 GB
  • Color: Quite Black, Really Blue, Very Silver

These are the hardware specifications of google pixel. But apart of these specifications this sexy phone has lot of other beautiful specifications.

1. Unlimited Storage:

This google phone will really gift us unlimited storage. As the company claimed that you can store as much images and videos you want to save. So now you will not get any panic storage pop ups now. So this is something great about this phone which we absolutely love.

2. Best Camera: 

Google actually providing the best camera ever you can imagine in a smartphone. You would have seen many smartphone with great camera’s but literally this camera will give you a new experience of phone camera. It has dsrl camera clarity and it has sensors which works best with phone camera. I will be very honest by telling that this phone camera will beat all the camera’s including iphone 7 camera. As we already did iphone 7 review . It has good camera but this google phone camera will really surprise you by its amazing experience.

3. In built Google Assistant :

You will be surprised by this feature I am telling as we are doing google pixel review. Honestly we want to tell you that this feature will work like a personal assistant for you. It is the first phone with a Google assistant in built. For example if you want to text someone than you just need to tap on the button on your home screen and your Assistant will text the concern person for you. Google assistant is damn smart and will work so smartly for you. It will work like a personal assistant for in a virtual world but in reality.  So this feature really add up a charm to this smartphone. So definitely this feature you will love for sure.

4. Latest android version every time :

This google phone really will work for you itself.  So as it is coming in android nougat. So every time when you will open your device than it will auto update your android version. And you can enjoy them.

5. Easy to use:

This phone definitely is easy to use as Google always believe in working on user interface. So every thing is so easy and simple to use.

6. 15 minute battery charging

This phone will be charged for up to 7 hours just in 15 minute of charging.  So if you are in hurry and want your phone charged more. Than definitely this feature will give you more satisfaction in terms of fast battery charging.  So this super feature will leave you surprise by its super fast battery charge.

Final Verdict :

We believe it’s a super sexy phone with amazing features. Although it’s a android phone and very costly but if you wish to have a high budget phone and with specific specifications than definitely it’s a best buy option. Google will definitely surprise you by this phone.

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