Iphone 7 Plus Review

Iphone 7 Plus Review- Everything You Should Know.

Iphone 7 plus

72000 INR

Available in silver, gold, jet black, rose gold




Duel camera


Battery life



  • Amazing battery backup
  • Duel camera
  • Waterproofing
  • Upgraded version of iphone


  • No headphone jack
  • Cost is high

Iphone 7 Plus Review

Do u want a smartphone which has a amazing camera? Or do do want a smartphone which has nice battery?? Do you want a iPhone with all these features??  If your all answers are yes! Than you are on a right place. This iphone 7 plus review will clear all your doubts about its new features, design, speakers, camera, performance and definitely my opinion would be added in it. Iphone 7 plus is luxurious iphone as everyone wants to have it. Apart of it there is lot to say about this iphone. So let’s dig in.

What is iphone 7 Plus:

Iphone 7 Plus Review

Iphone 7 plus is new launch in apple family and it was most awaited product of apple after iphone 7. Because all you know that iphone 7 was being speculated before its release. So it was also being speculated that along with Iphone 7 apple will launch it’s other iphone family product for sure. So in the apple’s iphone 7 launch iphone 7 plus was also launched and you know it is too much in news due to its amazing features. So iphone 7 plus has many thing which definitely will give you happiness when you purchase it.

So now lets head into it features and let’s know what exactly this apple’s product have.

Iphone 7 plus review: features and specifications

Iphone 7 Plus Review

At a glance

  • Small cable adapter
  • 5.50 inch screen display
  • A10 fusion processor
  • 3 GB RAM
  • Resolution 1080 X 1920 pixels
  • Back camera 12 mega pixel
  • Front Camera 7 mega pixel
  • Latest version IOS 10
  • Best battery 2900 mAh
  • Pixel per inch 401
  • Available in many colours silver, gold, jet black, rose gold and black too
  • Weight is 188.00 gram

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Iphone 7 plus review: Design

If i talk about iphone 7 plus design, it has no changes as it has the same design like iphone 6  but yes screen size is bigger now as it was 4.7 inch and now it’s 5.5 inch screen display. So you may say that if you want big screen size in iphone than it’s a good buy for you. I would like to add some points into it.

  • Upgraded version
  • Dual camera on the back

Iphone 7 plus review: Camera

Iphone 7 plus has the best camera 12 mega pixel back camera and 7 mega pixel Front Camera. The camera allows shooting in low light. So you may say it is the only feature you will find best among all iphone in this one. It’s camera has telephoto lens by which you can take macro shots. And apart of you definitely not required a DSLR camera. Because iphone 7 plus did best in it’s camera.  So you will be amazed by it’s result.

Iphone 7 plus has a nice battery backup.  As it’s 2900 mAh. So now definitely the iphone users won’t get worried after this launch of Apple by it’s battery.  So this phone satisfied us in this segment.

Iphone 7 plus review: No headphone jack

As similar to iphone 7 this iphone also don’t have headphone jack. Many people wondering why Apple did this. But as it was Apple’s choice and we all need to follow if we buy this product of them.

Waterproof: iphone 7 plus is same as iphone 7 in this case.  This iphone also comes with waterproof features. So you definitely no need to worry more about water because this amazing features of iphone 7 plus will save your phone from water damage.

Should you buy it? 

Our verdict :

If it comes to that you should buy this Apple product or not. Than i would like to say that Apple has added so many upgraded features in this phone. Camera and battery is key features of this phone. And along with it, it’s a iphone 7 with big screen now. And performance based this iphone is more upgraded.  So yes you should buy this phone. A big thumbs up from us.










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