Samsung Galaxy S8- Specifiactions, Release Date,All Things You should Know

Samsung Galaxy S8- Specifiactions, Release Date,All Things You should Know

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung galaxy S8

If i talk about Samsung Galaxy S8 than you will imagine a phone with more beautiful design and with more advanced and smart features. Since its not launched yet. The speculations about this phone are buzzing all around the world already. Since Samsung galaxy S7 was also a great launch from Samsung. And we all already loving it. As every new phone comes with some good or improved features. Samsung Galaxy S8 is definitely most awaited phone of 2017 of Samsung family.  So guys lets dig in and know more about Samsung Galaxy S8 phone.

Samsung Galaxy S8- Release Date

It is in news that Samsung S 8 will be launched in the start of 2017. And if i talk about the month than it would be February. So the date of release is not clear yet but the month and the year is already announced. So if you have a question in your mind than when galaxy 8 is coming out than it will be released in sometime very soon.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Price

  • US Dollars:  $6000
  • Australia: $100

Samsung Galaxy S8  Phone Specifications

Samsung Galaxy S8

key Features at a glance

  • Operating System : Android 6.0
  • Front Camera: 8 MP
  • Primary Camera: 20 MP
  •  Screen : 5.1 inch
  • Color : Black, white, Golden, Silver, Pink Golden
  • Battery: 4200 mAh
  • Memory : 64 GB, 128 GB
  • Ram: 6GB
  • Infared Sensors

Samsung S8 Design : As we already seen the Samsung S7 . It was beautiful and now if i about Samsung S 8 than i would like to tell you guys that It will be more sleek and beautiful and it is packed with 4k display. The display is ultra amoled which is super classy.

Water Proof: Samsung always upgraded its technology. This is the reason people are loving Samsung products. This time if you talk about this new phone than definitely i can say you will be amazed to know that this phone will give your phone a waterproof protection. So no more worries of water on the phone.

Memory: This Samsung phone will come with lots of internal memory this time. So we need not to worry about internal storage anymore.

 Beautiful Primary Camera: Samsung is gifting definitely a better camera this time. As we love Samsung S7 Camera already and Samsung S8 will have 20 MP with face detection, Auto focus. You can say this would be a more beautiful camera you will get in this price.

Front Facing camera: This phone is having 8 MP camera if i talk about the front facing camera. So we can expext a better camera quality this time with this time.

Speakers: The Samsung S7 had one front facing speaker. And now Samsung galaxy S8 have dual front facing Speakers. So it will be like better experience with audio and phone calls for the users.

Screen Size: Samsung S8  is coming out with a 5.1 inch screen size which is really good. If we talk about the screen, this screen is bigger than iphone 7 as it is 4.7 inches only.

Cheaper price : The smartphone with this  much features we can say the price is low. As per as Indian currency the price is speculated 36,789 rupees. In US Dollars $550. So the amount is cheap according to the product. The price down is there for sure. So we can expect best cheaper price to have this phone.

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